Enterprise Local Listing Management – PositionTech

Store Locators designed for your Brand’s Needs

Easy Setup

Virtually no technical engineering resources are required to set up a custom store locator.

Data Rich Location Pages

By combining data provided by your Brand, allLocal and MapPin we create rich, search engine friendly location pages.

Real-Time Updating

allLocal’s CMS and MapPin allow for real-time updates to descriptions, hours, specials and many other fields within the store locator.

Custom Store Locator

One size does not fit all. National brands require a search engine friendly store locator with individual pages for each store location—this is a must to win in Local Search.

Position Tech works directly with your Brand and/or Agency to design a user and search engine friendly store locator. Need the ability to customize the store locator to display stores that have particular departments, like a gardening section? We can easily customize your locator to meetyour needs.

Store Locator Highlights

  • A great asset for local search engine optimization
  • Easy set-up
  • Seamless branding
  • User friendly
  • Search Engine friendly
    Customizable for your Brand’s needs

What are you waiting for?

Whether you need help with a local search strategy, local data collection or management, we are your team.

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