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About Position Technologies


We ensure clients’ business listing data is accurate, complete and up to date everywhere their customers are searching for their products and services.

About Us

For over 20 years Position Technologies has developed the leading platforms used by agencies and brands to manage their search and local listings. Seventy percent of the largest e-tailers have trusted Position Technologies platforms and services to meet their marketing needs. Many of the largest franchises and multi-location enterprises in the US and Canada use Position Technologies’ services today.

Position Technologies’ core values are the foundation on which every product and service is built, ensuring the highest quality experience for customers:

  • Knowledge – With two decades of experience servicing Fortune 500 brands comes a deep level of expertise in search, maps and the local ecosystem.
  • Technology – At the core of every product exists proprietary technology and creative solutions specifically designed to solve the challenges of multi-location enterprises managing their local presence. The proprietary technology allows for the complete automation of complex processes and the scale to meet the needs of enterprise clients.
  • Data Quality – The quality, accuracy, freshness and comprehensiveness of business location data is a top priority. Brands, publishers and users alike benefit from highly accurate data.
  • Service – Search and local listing management isn’t easy and there’s no need for brands to navigate the local landscape alone. Position Technologies views every client as a partner with unique needs. The ongoing service and customized solutions we provide will guide you to success.

Our goal is to give you greater control and insight in how your brand is represented in the search and local ecosystem. We proactively optimize listings and distribute client data to drive more foot traffic through the door of each of your locations. All of this is done as efficiently as possible to maximize your time and resources and give you peace a mind.

Our team (your team, that is!)

Position Technologies has been working together and working with search engines for over 20 years. We’ve developed best-of-breed technology that is head and shoulders above anything else you’ll find in the Local space today.

We have a reputation for innovative technology and strong customer service and are consistently hired and retained by S&P 500 class customers. We will go to work for you as your trusted partner to ensure your success in the Local space.

Whether you need help with a local search strategy, local data collection and management, a custom store locator or have a question about one of our products, call us at 630-262-5300.


Enterprise Local Location Management

Whether you are an agency or a large brand, managing multiple locations on engines like Google and Bing can be a daunting and time consuming effort. allLocal has changed that with best-of-breed technology built specifically to manage hundreds or thousands of locations. Trusted by over 70 of the worlds largest brands.


Enhanced Data Collection

No one knows a location better than the location’s owner or manager. MapPin is a smartphone application that allows trusted, assigned individuals to manage one or more locations. Trusted individuals provide highly accurate geo-data, POI data, hours, amenities and much more in a secure, real-time environment.

Custom Store Locators

Search Engine Friendly

Utilize allLocal and MapPin as a CMS for your SEO-optimized store locator. We build a custom location finder to match your branding and website and you benefit from the efficiencies of managing your data and listing distribution in one place. Detailed analytics provide insight into the health of the local search campaign.

Local SEO

Local SEO Consulting

Better information means better decisions. We bring a level of creativity and experience that will make your local content stand out. We will work within your existing technology platform and brand so that you can see results sooner without disruptions to your business. Over 20 years’ experience serving enterprise level clients in many verticals.

What are you waiting for?

Whether you need help with a local search strategy, local data collection or management, we are your team.

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